About Us
About Us

Welcome to Colorslink, your one stop service to creating your own Eco bag image.

Our experienced specialist are dedicated to guide you a step by step process of projecting through your company's vision to the public.

We help organisations and individuals alike express their identity in print by emblazoning their logos, slogans or personal messages on their selected products. Doing so, we breathe new life into these inanimate objects and fill them with the souls and essences of our clients, producing powerful merchandise that anyone will be proud to wear, carry or display.

Our Vision

We believe that commercialism should not negate environmentalism and hence our vision is to educate and aid companies in reconciling the two.

Our Mission

Creating and growing unselfish marketing tools that advance the global economy while protecting the world's delicate ecosystem.

Our Key Movement: Eco-friendly Bags

Eco-friendly bags are broadly defined as biodegradeable bags made from renewable resources like cotton or recycled materials like Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from used plastic drink bottles.

We transform renewable resources and recycled materials into meaningful, yet eye-catching and fashionable bags that are made to be used, shared and flaunted.

Press your organisation's logos, trademarks and slogans onto these humble, affordable totes and they evolve into a powerful, mobile advertising medium. Turning people into marketing vehicles, our reuseable bags allow your brand's influence to be carried along and brought to places, giving your brand name an invaluable amount of exposure.

It's not just a business to us. It's a marketing movement; a revolution in advertising.
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